Trio, Nonet, Quartet, Quintet, Ming + FS, Rebennack

Medeski Martin & Wood @ HE2005.

Over in the Stereophile Photo Galleries, the category with the most uploads is "Live Music Events." This is no mere coincidence; we are, after all, music lovers. We've posted several images of the memorable performances that swung and rocked past Home Entertainment Shows.

This year's event in Los Angeles will offer many more photo opportunities. In addition to the always awesome John Atkinson Trio, I'm especially looking forward to the Anthony Wilson Nonet (Tom Conrad's beautiful piece, "Okay, We're Rollin'," in our May issue really sparked my interest), the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, and the John Heard Quintet.

Our opening night party has Zu Audio, whose system so impressed Jon Iverson and Wes Phillips at CES 2006, teaming up with innovative DJs Ming + FS. And our big benefit concert for the Elf Foundation will feature the inimitable Mac Rebennack (Dr. John!).

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single nucleotide polymorphismsIn clearspeak, I can't be there, but, I can enjoy your blog :)

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Medeski, Martin & Wood, come over to Holland for a concert, please!!!