Jersey City Love Songs

On the corner of Monmouth and Third, in the parking lot of the Genesis Educational Center, where the blood lines erase the color lines, a drummer needs practice. I wasn't expecting this. It might interfere with our listening session. The bad beats are hopping into my third floor window and making themselves comfortable, crowding the sweet spot. The singer, it seems, needs practice, too. And is that a preacher hollering the gospel, or a drunk abusing his wife? Around here, one can never be certain. Perhaps it's both...

You know what's funny is that I really did worry about this strange and wonderfully unexpected outdoor concert. (The hollering preacher/abusive drunk was a concern, too.) The noise, after all, might interfere with our listening session.

Who am I?

Monty reminded me of this Corey Greenberg piece on the ProAc Response Two loudspeaker, which, in turn, reminded me that I don't have to be an audiophile in order to be an audio reviewer, that, in fact, it's probably better that I'm not an audiophile. Don't get me wrong; I don't want to be Corey Greenberg, either. I mean to say: It's really out of the ordinary for me to get bent over the possible negative effects of an outdoor concert on my listening session. And, come on, do I really even know where my sweet spot is? No.

Who am I trying to kid?

We sat down for burgers and chicken and fries, serenaded by these Jersey City love songs. Before our dinner was done, the beautifully bad drumming and song had come to an end.

"I think the concert's over."

"Yes, something's certainly missing."