The History of Stereophile

We're so excited about the new Photo Gallery, and so happy with the steam it's building, we've come up with another section to the album: The History of Stereophile.

This, I think, is very cool. Our magazine has been around for over 40 years, has seen so much life, told so many stories, sung so many songs. This is rich, rich soil; deep, deep soul.

It started in J. Gordon Holt's bedroom in Pennsylvania, moved out west to New Mexico, came back east to New York City. It stayed out after its curfew, got drunk, pissed in sewers, vomitted in subway cars, experimented with the usual narcotics, partied hard, learned to play guitar, fought against the disco revolution, got tangled up in the 80s, reluctantly became an adult, dealt with nagging girlfriends and screaming kids, went through divorces and miscarriages, lost a few friends, made some new ones, saw some buildings come crashing down, and all the rest.

JA will add to the album this weekend, and regularly. Like the Folk Implosion: Take a look inside.