Stereophile Photo Gallery

The Stereophile Photo Gallery is all the way live. It's another fine way of building community and sharing the enthusiasm. I hope that you will visit it and make it beautiful. Like Madonna, she's waiting to be dressed up in your love; decorate her with images of your hi-fi gear.

We've started with ten specific galleries:
Home Audio Systems, where you can let us see what you see when you're sitting in the sweetest spot of all.

Manufacturers' Showcase, where the kings and queens of the trade can share their hottest products.

Dealers' Open House, where hi-fi merchants great and small can construct the systems of our dreams.

Dorm Systems, where Audiophiles-in-Training can remind us all of what it's like to listen to Death Cab while cramming for finals.

Computer Audio, where we highlight that ever-shrinking interconnect between hi-fi and PC.

DIY Projects, where the more industrious audiophiles get to show off their rebuilt Quads and custom mods.

Accessories, where we reveal our favorite tweaks, from fluffy kittens to wood blocks.

New Purchases and Wish Lists, where we brag and boast, drivel and drool.

Show Photos and Reports, where you get to play the role of roving audio reviewer at a hi-fi show.

And, finally, Live Music Events, where you take us from Avery Fisher Hall to Cakeshop, from the Herbst Theater to the Fillmore, because, after all, we do need reference material.

So, have fun and let us know what you think.