MusicDirect and American Express: Perfect Together

Jason Victor Serinus reported on it a couple of weeks ago, but in case you still haven't seen that American Express ad featuring hi-fi retailer MusicDirect, here it is.

I could watch this ad forever and ever. All it needs is the Vincent Audio girl. I love seeing hi-fi in the mainstream. MusicDirect received Plum Card number 4350 (out of the initial 10,000), and I can't wait to see what they do with it.

Those big, white headphones are AKG K 701s, in case you're wondering, and they're awesome. I will own them someday.

Someday, I will own them.

CharlieX's picture

I'm surprised other high end brand names has not followed MusicDirect's lead into some type of television advertising. I just saw the ad running during "High New Worth" on CNBC. That show seems to be the High-End primary demographic group.

Ward's picture

Good for them. As far as the AKGs, isn't there a review set floating around the office you can borrow for review? I love mine. A total steal...

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Don't pay full retail, there's this website that rhymes with "Whamazon" where you get pick them up for less the $300. Come on, you DESERVE them...

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Love the AKGs. Been listening to them a lot, b/c of the Manhattanite apt situation & family going to bed early.