Confess and Teach

The doctor never called back. Maybe tomorrow. Nevertheless, I do feel a bit better. My head still hurts and my throat is still sore, but I've got more energy than I had all week. I picked up the tissues, came to terms with the tea, washed the dishes, and found the energy to set the Moscode aside for now and reinstate the Musical Fidelity A3.5 integrated.

And then I listened to music.

I listened to Tom Waits confess: "I want you, you, you..." over and over again, such a perfectly simple love song, just as love songs should be.

I listened to Ryan Adams teach: "Love her in the ways you want to be loved, love her in the ways she wants to be loved..." until it made sense, such perfectly simple sense.

And I listened to some other stuff, too. And I thought about things, and I felt good.

Al Marcy's picture

Some Doctors love each of their patients, some may not. That doesn't mean they can treat everything, only that they will, if they can. If they can't, it is good to listen to Music.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I've called four times already. I think I'm going to start looking for a new doctor.

Jeff Wong's picture

If the blood work was sent out Thursday night, I kind of doubt the doctor would have results back from the lab so quickly and the doctor probably doesn't have weekend hours... maybe Monday is the earliest you'll hear anything? If you have Mono, you'll still have it by the time the results come in, so the couple day delay might not make all that much difference, except for peace of mind.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I was told that the results would be back the next day, and so, that's what I expected. Especially important to me since I was told only to take the antibiotic if it wasn't mono (antibiotics do nothing for a virus). So, here I sit, feeling like shit, waiting for them to get back to me, while I could be on the medicine, getting better. The doctor does have weekend hours. He finally got back to me this afternoon. It's not mono.

Jeff Wong's picture

Is that good news? Are you feeling better?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Oh, it's some sort of bacterial thing. They lost the strep culture, altogether. So, I'm taking the medicine, and just feeling a little bit better. Thank you.

Donald N.'s picture

I hope you feel better. Down in New Orleans seems like everyone you run into is sick or just getting over being sick. I find headphone listening can be soothing...