Blood Work

Signs of sickness, with a scent like ennui, all over the apartment: dirtied tissues tossed to the floor, the many jilted cups of tea, unfinished this, unwashed that, empty cans of soup, the pale and quiet Moscode.

Still, it took so much energy just to get out. Through the dark tunnels and into the sunshine of this spring day. I passed by a child who had the purest smile. I wondered if I ever owned a smile like hers.

When the doctor took a look into my mouth, he jumped back five feet and yelled: "YIKES!"

Blood work will tell if it's strep or mono. If it's strep, I get to take an antibiotic. If it's mono, I just have to wait it out. Tomorrow, I'll know.

I woke up at 6 this morning, just as the sun was coming up; a rich, warm glow through my almond curtain. I knew the day would be lovely. At just after 6 this evening, the sun is falling asleep, too.

Downstairs, my neighbors are listening to their music; I've had trouble classifying it, though it must live in some bin as everything else does. It's South American, maybe, or from some warm island. It involves fast percussion, intricate guitar lines, dominant and complex bass patterns, and is often annoying. Annoying, but interesting.

There comes a time with my writing when I don't know where it's going. That time is now. Perhaps, tomorrow, the blood work will tell me.

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Yeeesh. I cannot believe that you took the time to answer my email when you felt this bad. As a kid, I used to get strep on a regular basis. If that is what you have, then I strongly urge you to take the entire course of antibiotics - even if you really start to feel better. Failing this, you will end up creating some more resistant bacteria that will make it much more difficult to treat the next time. All that said, I really hope that it is strep. Mono will kick your butt for 6 weeks. I hope that you feel better soon!

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All that said, I really hope that it is strep. Mono will kick your butt for 6 weeks.

Yes, but, if it's Mono, that might imply that Stephen's been doing some kissing lately... YAY!

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Thinking good thoughts for ya.

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Yeesh, not a single Stereo/Mono joke! What's wrong with you guys? Fell better soon Stephen.