I'm sick. About as sick as I've ever been. Come to think of it, I haven't really been well since I came down with the flu at CES. I've been fighting something ever since. And today, it knocked me out. Fever, chills, pain all throughout my body, an excruciating headache.

I was actually in the office for about three hours before giving up completely. I'm home now, in bed, where I let loose so much sweat, I totally grossed myself out.

I haven't been listening to any music. Yesterday, I came home to find that the Moscode was completely dead; its beautifully blue-lit logo had gone pale, the tubes had lost their warm glow. I'm guessing it's a blown fuse. George Kaye sent me his apologies along with awesomely detailed instructions on what to look for and how to replace the fuse. I'm actually looking forward to it. George Kaye has a good way of making things that would normally frustrate the hell out of me seem fun and easy.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Alright, I'm going to go replenish some fluids now, pop about twenty Advils, and sweat some more.

Good night.

Al Marcy's picture

Relax, Stephen, it will get worse, then beter, then worse. It is a good idea to keep a spare system in reserve to listen to when you are too sick to fix the good one ... if you're sick a little substandard replay can slip by unnoticed. Mixed blessings, etc.

Clay White's picture

You and your Moscode obviously have a very intimate realationship. You get sick, and it does too. Hope you're both back in top shape soon.

Jim Teacher's picture

Feel better, brother.

Todd Steponick's picture

Like the Moscode and yourself, I am down too. Flu and all that. Sleep it off, stay warm.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thanks very much, everyone. You guys make me feel a bit better. Dammit, I'm gonna fix that typo now.