A New Song

I've been paying more attention to my trembling hands. I wonder if they shake while I'm playing guitar. Does it contribute to my style? Has it determined the way I fret and strum?

"I think I suffer from anxiety," I told my mom.
"We all do," she replied.

I finished a new song, but then what? Stuck, as I was, between wanting to break things and wanting to shut my eyes, I decided instead to just listen to music. I say "just" because I neglected to take notes, failed to make comparisons, decided against experimenting with cables. This was disappointing. People, however, have been telling me that I need to be more selfish.

As the sun went down on Jersey City, I sat still and listened. I chose a disc that I hadn't touched in quite some time: Diciembre, 3 a.m. by Migala. And it made me feel better.

When the night is cold
And the phone is ringing in my bones
And the wine has gone so long ago...
I wish you were here, I wish you were here, I wish you were here.

And, then, you came home.

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An old motto from the days of random life sequences and debauchery (in either order)," but it overlaps with other situations:

""When you can't stop your hands from shaking"," put them somewhere they'll do some good.""

Another one:

""When faced with two untenable options"," choose both. That may be more to your liking than either one alone.""

So", take some comfort from the fact that you are always free to shut your eyes AND break things.

Seriously, knowing that cheers me up.

Go figure.

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Maybe it's because when you create the mental image of both choices together, the silliness of it all strikes home. It's the absurdist point of view that often saves us and keeps us sane," no?

One last favorite motto for the day:

""The situation is hopeless"," but not serious.""
Best regards.

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When are you going to write about the Arros?

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>When are you going to write about the Arros?I've been wondering the same thing.
Soon, I suppose.