How to Do Things

I had no idea at all. The first one, recommended to me by my primary care physician, wouldn't accept my insurance, but would be happy to give me a discounted rate of $40 for the first two sessions. Afterwards, we'd have to discuss and determine an amount that would be fair. Besides this small inconvenience, she would be away for the entire month of April. While she'd be willing to see me for at least one session before flying off to South America — "How does that sound to you?" — I'd be left alone immediately after.

And to be left alone, I'm learning, is perhaps my biggest fear.

By now, you know me well enough to know that I don't always act logically, but this simply didn't make any sense. At all. Eager as I was — eager as I am — however, to get started, I hastily agreed to see her — I liked the sound of her voice over the phone and she seemed to really sympathize: "You've obviously put a lot of thought into this," she said. "I think you're already ahead of the game." — only to reconsider and cancel the following day. A minor setback, yes, but frustrating nonetheless.

While I heard some disappointment in her voice — at least I thought I did — she was kind enough to refer me to a second. The second, however, had an unattractive voice, didn't seem to sympathize: "How old are you?" she asked, and has an office located above 200th Street. She might as well be in South America.

I just left a message with the third. I picked the third on my own. I:
1. Created a list of providers who accept my insurance: 574 results.
2. Narrowed the list down by zip code (10016): 51 results.
3. Subtracted all the men: 30 results.
4. Made a selection: Dr. L.R., PhD.

I selected Dr. L.R., PhD., because:
1. She has two first names.
2. Her office is just a couple blocks away from Stereophile.
3. She graduated from the same university as my sister.
4. Her suite number (####) is identical to a certain apartment number I occupied for three long years.

That's it. That's how I do things.

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So what's wrong with how you did that? Your winnowing process isn't all that different from my handicapping process which has left me ahead or even for the last three thorobread racing seasons. I don't throw out the males, 'cause that would eliminate lots of races altogether, but I probably have a better winning record with the fillies. Besides, they're smaller and prettier and some are even faster than the boys. Go with it.

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Whatever it takes to find happiness with yourself. It's asking a little much for other people to love you for who you are if you don't even love yourself. On the flip-side, liking yourself creates a sense of self confidence that the opposite sex finds very attractive.
It's ironic that once people find they can be happy by themselves, other people find you more attractive and then you have a different take on things.
Until you have kids, your first obligation is to yourself. That's not a selfish thing, it's actually more fair to the other people in your life as well.

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I have sacrificed a sheep in your honor, and the reading of its entrails bodes well for you, with one caveat. L.R.'s last name must be two syllables long or less. Three syllables or more portends an ill outcome.