A Few Random Musical Notes

1. My system, with the Moscode in it, seems to achieve greater soundstage width. In Ryan Adams' "Mockingbird," a tambourine rattles away far in the righthand corner of my room. It startles and impresses me every time.

2. In the Foo Fighters' "On the Mend," the highs seem much more alive; almost painfully beautiful. And the echo-y effect on Dave Grohl's voice is warm, well-controlled, and subtle but absolutely distinct.

3. There are incredibly tight and lifelike bass and drum sounds on Beth Orton's "Conceived."

4. I first noticed a kind of trickling, warbling, running water sound that plays throughout the Wood Brothers' "That's What Angels Can Do" when I listened through the Musical Fidelity A3.5 integrated and CD player. I enjoyed this surprise. Through the Moscode, however, this pleasant warbling sound is somewhat overshadowed by tape hiss. Not a big deal.

5. Finally, with the Moscode in the system, I noticed I could actually hear the sound of the CD player reading and spinning discs at the very beginning of an album. It sounds like aliens in outerspace. I realize that this is not very musical, but I just wanted to mention it. It's kind of cool, in a weird audiophile sort of way, I suppose.

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Please don't number your paragraphs. It gives me test anxiety ;)

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Did someone say test?1) True.....2) True.....3) True.....4) True.....5) True.....How'd I do?

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All of the above! I couldn't resist. Tough crowd. There is a moment during Grant Green's title track to Idle Moments that does the same thing to me everytime. There is a sax solo that has such presence, it feels like the sax player is right there. You can feel the air pass through the reed, over the keys, and out the horn; it's absolutely beautiful. When I am outside of the room while it's playing I feel the need to go in to check that there is no one there.

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Unless you've been smoking something strange, you might want to get a second opinion and/or some advice on your #5. That's not a good thing. There should be no output at all from the CD until it finds a signal.

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Dang, number five is false? I thought for sure he really did hear that.

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I can hear my player reading the disc and making those chirping noises. It's been doing it for 8 years and counting, though not through the speakers.

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....though not through the speakers. That was my point.