Harlem Rent Parties at EZ's Woodshed

Photo credit: Gordon Polatnick/Big Apple Jazz

Tonight, and every Friday night throughout March, you're invited to a party at EZ's Woodshed. The warm and intimate jazz venue has been around for just over two years, singing Harlem's history and promoting the city's jazz musicians.

In the front room, you'll find all sorts of merchandise and memorabilia, including indie releases from the city's young artists as well as out of print LPs of classic live events—all recorded in New York's historic jazz clubs. If you're hungry, you might try the red snapper and a side of onion rings. If you just want a little snack, the Round Midnight chocolate cake looks delicious.

Bands play in the small backroom. Sitting up close to the musicians, you'll think you've wandered into the 1920s. You'll keep your voice down low, you'll steal quick peeks over your shoulder to make sure everything's still cool. It'll feel exciting, it'll feel almost too good to be right.

EZ's Gordon Polatnick tells me that these Friday night Harlem Rent Parties, sponsored by the Harlem Brewing Company (yum), are necessary to "keep the doors swinging open." It's free to get in, he says, but you'll have to pay to get out. I'm not sure what he means by that, but I'm definitely going to investigate. The party starts at 8pm and goes on and on. Tonight's party, "Stride Piano Giants," will feature performances by Rahn Burton and Dave Frank. Next Friday's vocalists include Jimmy Jones, Lester Deane, and Audrey Silver. Bill Saxton will play his Harlem horns on March 21, and on the last Friday of the month, we can expect an all-star jam session. Surprise guests are expected to appear each night.

In addition to March's Rent Parties, EZ's Woodshed offers free live music daily, from 2–5pm, and again from 5:30–8pm. You'll have to pay some small amount for any evening events after 8pm. EZ's is at 2236 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd., between 131st and 132nd, in beautiful Harlem. Take the 3 to 135th.

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