What Angels Can Do

Happy Friday, lovely. I'm sorry for missing you yesterday. I started on several different entries, actually, but none went where I wanted. Which isn't necessarily bad — entries often take unexpected turns — but these entries, in particular, simply seemed not right enough for this space.

And, you ask: This entry does seem right enough?

Yes, I answer, it does. Obviously. It's here — isn't it? — and, so, it must be right enough. And of the others, yesterday's un-entries? Of the others:

One entry had to do with a performance of many golden voices in one golden space, one entry had to do with a piece of gear that even non-audiophiles might find desirable (despite its $3000 price tag), one entry had to do with violence, one entry had to do with kindness, one entry had to do with unimpededness and interpenetration, and that, I thought, was actually going to be right enough, until I realized that such holy concepts are far beyond my understanding, and all of the other weepy entries had to do with me, of course.

We can be aware of only so much. I am not as sensitive as I like to think I am. I am more self-absorbed than I like to think I am. As I write this, I am aware of a few other things happening around me, upon me, to me, by me, for me, etc. I've got four Microsoft Outlook and six Internet Explorer browsers open. Of those four Outlook browsers, three can be closed, and I'll do that now.


Three of the six Explorer browsers are opened to our forums, which I am policing for spam. I hate spam. It's been a new problem, and not a fun one. One of the other Explorer browsers is opened to Wes' eNewsletter on ripping music files. Good stuff. There is one Explorer browser that is simply opened to the Stereophile home page. It's waiting there, for me, if I need it. The last Explorer browser holds the Zinio version of our April issue. Zinio subscribers, if there are any reading this, can know that your April issue will arrive on time. I'm just scanning its pages now, searching for bad links, missing pages, and things like that. It takes a little while, and is just about as tedious as deleting spam from the forum, but I'm happy to do it, for you. Really. After I find that everything is okay, I'll give Brian Church, production director at Zinio, the word to go ahead and post the issue. The scheduled post date is March 7. We'll achieve that, no problem.

I've got two Microsoft Excel spreadsheets open. I love spreadsheets. And, in the back and front of it all, I've got Windows Media Player spinning a disc which I love even more. Track four just strummed its opening chords. Track four on any disc, by the way, is invariably my favorite. This is another something I simply can't explain. A couple of Wood Brothers are telling me about the power of angels.

You push my buttons,
started me knowing things I already knew;
How did you understand
with the palm of your hand?
I guess that's what angels can do.

I guess that's what angels can do.

And, now, my stomach is growling like mad. I'm going to get some food.

Manish's picture

Is there any RSS feed for your blog? Thanks!!

Monty's picture

I have a feeling this is some sort of spam program that periodically installs to various sites and forums. If this gets out of hand (and I have seen this sort of thing before) you guys might want to consider a couple of trustworthy members as moderators. Not a warm and fuzzy decision on Stereophiles part I'm sure, but I think we have a couple of guys that would be willing to help keep the disruption of the spamming to a minimum without the need of renumeration. <<

Buddha's picture

The sacred beating heart of hi fi is the music, and I'm liking the Wood Brothers! If ya ain't familiar," give the Cash Brothers ""Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful"" a listen. I really gotta get the Mrs. to let me grab a Burwen Bobcat. I just have this hunch it will sound good", ya know? Wow," ""The Sacred Beating Heart of Hi FI"," I should open a school...

Christian's picture

Wow Cash Brothers, I personally miss The Skydiggers. They still play from time to time here in TO, sometimes as a double bill. The BEST corn on the cob I ever had was at a corn roast headlined by the Skydiggers at the Horseshoe. mmmmm corn on the cob..come on summer!

Buddha's picture

Holy cow! The Skydiggers just released a disc with the Cash Brothers! Thanks for the post! I bought some Skydiggers, too. Thanks for the recommendation, as well.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>Is there any RSS feed for your blog? Thanks!!Sorry, Manish - there's no RSS feed. For the most part, though, I post one new entry each day, Monday through Friday. It usually goes up in the early evening; around 5:00pm EST.

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Buddha, Christian:
I love seeing the exchange of loved music. Awesome stuff. I'll check these bands out, too. Thanks!

Christian's picture

Memories!! The Skydiggers were my first show. When I was 15-16 it must have been 1990ish they were a young upstart promoting their first hit, I Will Give You Everything, and opened up for The Grapes of Wrath (a trippy Canadian hippy meets Tears for Fears kind of act). Being young, we went to the first set, a Matinee of sorts, we had pretty sweet seats. I remember The Skydiggers distinctly because they used a trumpet in some of their tracks and it was great. This smooth almost jazz trumpet solo in the middle of a song," something I had never previously experienced in rock music. I must listen to Road Radio when I get home. Thanks for the ""flashback"" Buddha!