While They're Hot

I was surprised to find that we once featured Stereophile t-shirts on a cover.

Of course I'm forgetting that, at one time or another, we thought it was a good idea to make cover material of gorillas, dogs, babies, C-3PO, an Oscar trophy in the likeness of J. Gordon Holt, and even the table of contents (several times).

I wonder how gorillas influence newsstand sales. Has anyone done the research? And what about gorillas wearing headphones?

Someone: Get me the data on that, please. Thank you.

Wes Phillips's picture

Hey, I have have an official Stereophile apron featuring that gorilla cover hanging in my office's kitchenette. Now. that's a limited edition promotional item. OTOH, my wife has the long-sleeved tatoo-cover teeshirt, which people not only did not buy, they fled in terror from.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>the long-sleeved tatoo-cover teeshirt<WTF? I need a picture of this.

Jim Teacher's picture

I think there was a scientific study done that shows that wines featuring animals on their label outsell wines that do not. I assume the same applies to T-shirts.

john devore's picture

Ahh, I remember those playful old covers. They were great--lots of fun. None of that BEST CD PLAYER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD stuff.

Buddha's picture

Hey, if anyone knows the value of good primate imagery, it would be Mr. Silverback himself!

The JGH-headed Oscar cover was so good that I hear Harry Pearson still uses it as his preferred dart target!

Jim Tavegia's picture

Borrow Gieco's:"It'so easy to love Stereophile even a Caveman could do it". Forget the gorilla.

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before you jump, listen to this