What Goes Around...

I've told you about my love for CBS' Sunday Morning news program. The show is simply fantastic. Charles Osgood is the host. Charles Osgood wears bowties and talks in perfect rhyme. Mo Rocca knows how to dress. David Edelstein takes me to the movies. Bill Geist is the most charming buffoon. Ben Stein has a strange way of lifting the human spirit. Serena Altschul makes me sigh.

You should watch this show. That's it. Just watch it.

I feel like Art Dudley, I feel like Sam Tellig.

I'll be sure to watch this Sunday's episode. I will sit on my orange couch with a cup of coffee and my guitar, and I'll watch CBS' Sunday Morning news program. This Sunday's "Trends" feature is titled "What Goes Around..."

Can you guess what it's about?

I'll let them tell you. From the Sunday Morning website:

Vinyl records—yup, the same kind you listened to on a turntable—have become almost cutting-edge again. True, the newer technology can put a thousand digital songs in your pocket, but for a growing number of music lovers, there's nothing like a real groove. Record labels are re-releasing vinyl LPs, Amazon.com has inaugurated a vinyl-only Web site, and the makers of vinyl records say sales are up enough to keep them in the black.

It's going to be a good one. You should watch.

rvance's picture

It was a nice segment. No real in-depth tech-speak, which might have turned off the mainstream, but a very positive report on the financial viability of niche market vinyl producers. The kids added a lot of "cute factor," too. Thanks for the heads up, Stephen.

tom collins's picture

i caught the spot by accident. loved the kids. it was like showing a crank from a model T to kids in the 60s. maybe turntables are the next harleys? lets hope so.