A Blind Person Who Can See

"Here's something random for you," the editor begins.

At this, a smile blushes and blooms across the assistant editor's innocent face. He cannot suppress it. If you want to know why he is smiling, he is smiling because he does not want to laugh. He does not want to laugh because it would be wrong to laugh at his boss. This much is obvious.

He smiles because, in truth, it is quite a common thing for the editor to offer something "random." Does the editor not know this?

The assistant editor nods, anxiously, as if to say, "Yes?"

"If you look at the men's bathroom door, you'll see that it says 'Men' in Braille."

The assistant editor nods, anxiously, as if to say, "Oh? I hadn't noticed."

"But none of the dots are raised," the editor explains. "You can't actually feel them. So, it's only useful if you're a blind person who can see."

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Just think of the last line of "Chinatown" and hear my voice, "Forget it Stephen, it's Primedia".

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I'm sorry to say I've never seen "Chinatown." I just Wikipedia-ed it, though. It sounds awesome! I must now rent it. Thanks!