These Are Not the Words to this Song

Funny thing about carting a $1600 amplifier down these New York City streets during the evening rush: People just don't give a crap; they'll run you over. No problem. In fact, I was almost shown to that great, big listening room in the sky by an SUV (with Jersey plates, of course) just outside Herald Square. And try getting a $1600 CD player through the PATH station turnstiles; there's no special "Hi-Fi Entrance" down there. You're left to your own devices. I employed the lift and twirl method, but only after realizing that the push and shove method wasn't going to work.

In any case, I made it.

It wasn't until I got the units home — after the bumpy ten minute walk from the Grove Street station and up my three flights of wobbly stairs — that I realized I'd need some interconnects to actually make the things work. Duh. They looked so pretty, too, just sitting there, all quiet but teeming with watts and dynamics and stuff. Such a tease.

I shot an e-mail out to JA.

To: Atkinson, John
From: Mejias, Stephen

Yo JA! I want to hook up the Musical Fidelity pieces this weekend, but I'm guessing I'll need some interconnects. If you have any interconnects just hanging out at your place, would you be able to bring them in for me, please?

And JA got right back to me.

To: Mejias, Stephen
From: Atkinson, John

Will do so, Stephen.

Cool, right?

Next morning, JA actually came in with two different sets of interconnects: one cheap pair and one more expensive.

I held them up in the air, taking note of their many differences, question marks dancing in my eyes.

"The cheap pair," JA explained, "are not shielded. So, if they hum, it means..."

JA paused. I waited, anxiously hanging on to the silence.

If they hum, it means...?
It means...?

"Well," he continued, "if they hum, it means they don't know the words to the song."

Monty's picture

Yes, this is true. When you buy more expensive cables, you are paying for an expanded vocabulary. Really good cables can make Mel Tillis stop stuttering.

Christian's picture

They look really sweet. Did you consider crafting your own cables and do a DIY blog? It's fun! You can customize to your required length, and if you're lucky you might even give yourself a cool scar with the soldering iron to remember your project by (mine is almost gone). The Totem's are coming, eh? Does that mean you'll be coming to the Great White North for Le Festival du Son et L'Image?

Stephen Mejias's picture

>They look really sweet.They ARE! So awesome.>Did you consider crafting your own cables and do a DIY blog?I don't think I'm ready for that kind of fun. Though, one time - when I was doing construction work for a chemical company during college summers - I nearly welded my hand to an I-beam. That was great.>The Totem's are coming, eh? Does that mean you'll be coming to the Great White North for Le Festival du Son et L'Image?Oh, man, I would absolutely love to travel up to Montreal. Such a beautiful city, and I miss it dearly. But I'm not sure if this show is in my agenda. I have been very curious about it, though. How does it compare to our Home Entertainment Show?

Al Marcy's picture

Please go to a big box electronic store and buy(!) some cheap interconnects and see if Sam T and me are crazy," or what :) AR are my ""now in system"" choice. Mine are blue", but, not sure if color of outer wrapping is primary concern ...

Christian's picture

I wish I could say. I haven't been to either the HES, or the Festival before. I have always wanted to make the trip to Montreal for the show, but just haven't done it. Your CES coverage inspired me to do it this year. I think I will go up with my wife; she can shop on St. Catherines Street and I'll go see the show. That combination could be VERY dangerous.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>Your CES coverage inspired me to do it this year. That's great to hear. I'm glad we inspired you to go, and I hope you have a wonderful time; I'm sure you will, actually. Please say hi to Montreal for me. I love that city so much.