Yes. Hell YES!

Bluelines for the March issue are in. I was flagging an error, when JA came around and:

"Stephen, your career here at Stereophile rests on the question I am about to ask you."

A giant brick wall of fear was smashed into my brain.

A shock trooper in a stupor, yes I am.

"Oh no," I started to run off, "I don't want to hear it. Elizabeth, answer this question for me..."

But before I could dodge the bullet,
JA fired: "The Ramones: Yes or no?"

John Atkinson's picture

Gabba gabba hey, Stephen. (Probably should be a comma in there somewhere.) -- JA

Wes Phillips's picture

I'm not so sure about that, JA. I saw the Ramones in Eugene," OR in late 1976 and they unfurled a ""Gabba Gabba Hey!"" banner during their last song -- all it had was the exclamation point.Gee", they were fast and loud—and, if I recall correctly, my date, who'd dressed nice for our first night out, may have been the only female in the auditorium.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Do you guys accept me? I don't wanna be a pinhead no more.

Wonko The Sane's picture

The Ramones, with a COMMA?!?!?! Perish the thought.

Laura LoVecchio's picture

Yeah, like JA listens to the Ramones. I have been married to him for 18 years and I have never ever heard him play anything by the Ramones on a good system or bad. Never. I," on the other hand spent my youth in Brooklyn and Queens. For the past 25 years my theme song has been ""I Wanna Be Sedated"".

Monty's picture

18 years, huh? The woman's a Saint! That's alright, JA, I overmarried too. It's nuthin' to be ashamed of.

Wes Phillips's picture

Yeah, Monty. Men marry up; women marry down. They have to -- Stephen keeps sticking 'em up on pedestals.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>They have to -- Stephen keeps sticking 'em up on pedestals.You're tempting me to make a joke about skirts and views, but I'm not gonna do it.