A Page of Scribbled Notes

custom installation
active speaker systems
multi-channel processors

Brent Hefley
a bit of a filter
only 5 rooms / no neighbors
no one's been able to not find us

everyone that you want to be here has been

Thiel CS3.7 $9900
Ayre MX-R monoblocks $16,500/pr
the appropriate toe-tap and head-bang inducing rhythm and pace

even got a suit to shake it

more revealing of the music's flaws than the Hegel system, chorus provoked someone behind me to lower the volume, but that's understandable; i was actually hoping for it. thank you.

myrtle blocks everywhere, except

Stephen Mejias's picture

Last night, I had a dream about this blog entry. Someone fell in love with it - wanted to marry it, even. It turned out, however, that the very best they could do would be to use it in their 2007 marketing scheme. "You want to use this in your advertising?" I asked, incredulously."Absolutely.""Really?""Yes. Print, on-line, broadcast, everything.""You're kidding me.""No.""Alright," I shrugged my shoulders. "Cool."