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Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD712z loudspeaker

Great to read the review of Robert of the Fujitsu ten eclispe speaker. This is a magnificant approach and deserves
all prays. I love Robert's review, no wonder - am a
Deutsch(er) :-)

Fujutsi belongs to a handful of manufacturer which
produce quite unique speaker concepts like Quad or
Sadly one manufacturer, which I believe should belong
to this exquisite group nowadays gets less and less
attention from the press and is not mentioned in Robert's
review either: Manger.
I think it maybe would be worth to test their new
speaker line like the active MSM c1.

regards wolf

Robert Deutsch
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Re: Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD712z loudspeaker

Hi Wolf,

Thank you for the positive comment on my review of the Fujitsu Ten Eclipse speaker. I remember seeing the Manger driver at CES a few years ago, but at that time I think they were selling just the driver, not complete systems. I looked up the MSM c1, and it certainly looks interesting. However, there is no indication on the Manger web site that they have a US dealership network. According to Stereophile editorial policy, a product has to have at least five US dealers before it can be considered for review.


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