YG & Veloce

I first heard the battery-powered amplification from Veloce at the 2009 SSI; this year the Philadelphia-based company was sharing a room with YG Acoustics, whose 3-way Kipod speakers ($38,500/pair) were being driven by the V6 mono 180W amplifiers ($12,500/pair) via Kubala-Sosna Emotion cables. A V.Y.G.R. Baltic M turntable, fitted with a 12" SME 312 tonearm and Air Tight PC-1 cartridge fed Veloce's new LP-1 transformer-based phono module ($3000) and the Veloce Platino LS-1 tube preamp.

The power amps use the well-regarded Hypex class-D modules from Holland, whose efficiency at turning electrical power into audio allows them to be powered by rechargeable batteries.which are guaranteed for a 5-year life. The solid-state Hypex driver is replaced by a tube stage. Both power amp preamp do use AC power for the tube heaters and the display, but there is a not a solid-state device in the entire circuit path ahead of the power amp's Hypex class-D stage. Coincidentally, the Kipod speaker also uses a Hypex class-D module for its powered woofer section.

The YG-Veloce-KS system threw a large soundstage with grain-free, natural-sounding vocals and clean highs, though the relatively small hotel room was adding some upper-bass warmth, a constant factor at the Show.

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I agree, heard them last night and they were fantastic. The guys from Veloce are real nice guys to boot!

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Nick, thanks for the comment! And many thanks to all who came by our room to visit and listen to some great music. We are honored to be in such fine company including the writers of Stereophile and our partnering manufacturers, YG Acoustics and Kubala-Sosna. We had a great show!!!