Whisper to a screed

Maybe I don't know everything after all. In all candor, Legacy loudspeakers had never struck me as the sorts of things I might like. But here at FSI, driven by an attractive Ayon Triton integrated amplifier ($8500), itself fed by an Ayon CD-5 CD player ($9450), I very much enjoyed the big Legacy Whisper XD speakers ($20,000/pair). I wasn't surprised by the punchy, wide-range presentation, but there was a lot more realistic texture and timbral color than I ever expected. And the very nice young couple who ran the suite were patient with my seemingly limitless supply of inane questions. A fine experience.

Nick's picture

A really nice sounding room and the people displaying the equipment were very nice, I concur.

Maurice Fournier's picture

Easily the finest sounding room SSI 2010Ayon is give most beautiful sound to the speaker. I needto speak with spouse tonight.MF

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For sure the Best Sounding room at SSI! The Ayon gear is incredible, the sound is so neutral and real, it just overcomes you and involves you. I heard the Ayon Orthos mono block amps at CES 2010 with the Lumenwhite Artisan speakers and I still remember the exquisite sound, it just stays in my head. When I get all my cash together I am getting the Ayon Orthos and the Lumenwhite Artisans.Ed

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I have a pair of these in my office and they sound great

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I think several writers at the magazine are exposing how out of touch they are. And how constricted to the few brands they constantly rave about. They give short shrift to a superior product, Whisper and Helix. Since Legacy isn't one of their advertising regulars? I've had both a pair of Focus and Whisper, most superior to other products, and Legacy doesn't appear to be wanting to finance a country with prices. Superior products are from Legacy Audio indeed.