Wheee-O from Teo

On a number of occasions I've heard the CD-77 CD player from Abbingdon Music Research sound wonderful: organic, textured, and altogether analogish. Today was no exception, as proven by the latest 77.1 version of the AMR player ($9995), distributed in the US by Avatar Acoustics. (Avatar also distributes the unique tuning accessories made by Franck Tchang of Acoustic Systems International.) Other components on dem were a beautiful tube preamp and power amp from Japan's Mactone (price to be determined) and Teo Audio's interesting new Runa loudspeaker (projected to sell for $12,000/pair), all wired together with the latest interconnects and cables from the Teo-distributed Liquid Cable. The system was invitingly detailed without a trace of tizz, and while I'm not the sort who obsesses over imaging, I admit that I was charmed by the Teo speakers' very inviting spatial qualities. Also on display but in use during my visit was the Feickert Blackbird turntable (approximately $7500), for which the word "interesting" seems a cruel understatement.

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Art-I too enjoyed this room a lot. The guys were fantastic. Brian and I believe Talas? were real down to earth folks that took their time with me.I was taking down notes, just to relieve my addled brain from attempting to remember each room. What I wrote was "incredible soundstage width. Imaging far outside each speaker". The clarinet in St. James Infirmary from Satchmo Plays King Oliver sounded like it was in the next room over.

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Thanks, guys!Bill, I remember you and that INCREDIBLE Satchmo recording. Thanks for bringing your warmth and energy into our space! I grew up near New Orleans and know the man's music well. I LOVED THAT RECORDING AND RECOMMEND IT. For the record, the other guy's name is Taras. His last name is too long to fit into the rest of this post :>) but he's also long on heart;loving music with all his heart, as does the genius behind the cables, Ken. Both know that Music Moves The Spirit. Live music is always the reference and what Teo Audio's Liquid Cable and Runa loudspeakers are all about...uncompressed, natural, and relaxed...just like The Real Thing. We're still a long way from The Real Thing, of course, but I believe Teo Audio has come closer than anyone else to that Feeling.Our Liquid Cable's liquid metal alloy doesn't rewrite the laws of physics, it just uses some that no one else has used yet!Thanks, Art, for stopping by our room, and letting folks know that we're on to something specia