Tube Processing by Grant Fidelity

I was intrigued by Grant Fidelity’s small B283 Mk.II tube processor ($225). Placed between a source component and integrated amplifier or between a preamp and amp, the B283 offers users the ability to “feel the difference of tube sound versus solid-state sound, and to experiment with tube-rolling,” Rachel Zhang explained. Interestingly, guitarists have also been known to use the B283 in front of their solid-state amps. Neat.

SVinTO's picture

I own the first iteration of this, which the company still sells for slightly less money. I find it perfect for warming up, (tubing up? de-edging?) internet radio.

Eric Shook's picture

I liked the first model too, until it burned up the input on my amp.

Ian Grant's picture

Eric,I never heard from you regarding this, nor have you in our records as a GF customer unless you are using a different name here. It is highly unlikely that the B-283 can take out the inputs of your amp and I'm surprised you didn't contact us regarding it.Cheers,Ian

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I too have the earlier versin of this. Swapped out the original tubes for Mullards and the thing has been providing great service for years. Right now it sits in my Marantz 2325 pre-power loop and everything sounds very sweet.I also have a power conditioner from Grant that I bought last year at RMAF.I think Grant is located in Calgary?