Traveling in Pairs

Simaudio, represented in my photo by Lionel Goodfield (left) and Dynaudio, represented by Mike Manousselis (right) often exhibit together, an arrangement that seems to represent the friendly relationships between people in these companies as well as the synergistic relationships between the products. They certainly sound good together, and both companies seem to be guided by a desire to offer not necessarily the cheapest possible products, but ones that offer high quality combined with good value.

Nick's picture

They always make great sounding gear, however saw their special anniversary cd player this weekend and still cannot understand why these expensive players are made with cheap plastic trays when a 2000.00 Yamaha player had a gorgeous aluminium tray in its player. If you are going to fork over 15k for a CD player, how the tray opens, looks and feels should ooze quality and not cheap plastic. Am I the only one with this hangup?