They're playing my song

"Oh ho they're playing my song
Oh yeah they're playing my song
And when they're playing my song
Everybody's got to
Sh Sh Sh"

Perhaps the closest an audio journalist can get to the what Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager expressed in this song from the musical, They're Playing My Song, is the feeling you get when you see people reading a review you've written. (It helps if they're smiling and nodding rather them frowning and shaking their heads.) At SSI 2010, a copy of the April issue of Stereophile was included with admission, and the cover picture on this issue is of the Monitor Audio PL200. My review of this speaker is the lead review in the magazine. Yeah! I managed to restrain myself from stopping attendees and telling them to be sure and check out the review of the Monitor Audio PL200.

Alas, in about two weeks, the May issue will be out, and I'll have to give up my claim to bragging rights.

nunh's picture

What a cool feeling that must be! I almost always restrain myself from reading the lead review to sav the best for last ;)