The dCS Debussy

I was immensely impressed by the dCS Puccini SACD player and U-Clock when I reviewed the British combination last December. But as the physical discs becomes a legacy source of music, there was obviously a need for a related D/A product. SSI saw the public debut of the dCS Debussy ($10,999 with remote), shown off here by Tempo Marketing's John Quick. The Debussy basically combines the D/A, DSP, and analog board from the Puccini with the true asynchronous USB input topology from the U-Clock in a slim, attractive package. There are two AES/EBU and two S/PDIF inputs, as well as USB, and there is also a word-clock input to allow the Debussy to be controlled by an external master clock unit. Two digital filters are included, one a conventional symmetrical type, the other a variant of the increasingly popular minimum-phase "apodizing" type.

siv's picture

Having blindly compared Debussy VS DAC1, I prefered the DAC1.
This is not surprising taking in consideration Benchmark DAC1's outstanding measurements.

If you are willing to pay a lot for the bling-factor, then Debussy may be your choice.
If sound quality at "steal price" is your choice, go for the DAC1.