Simaudio and Dynaudio

Simaudio had two product introductions at the show that conform to this approach: the Moon 400M is a 400Wpc fully balanced mono power amp selling for $2995 each, and the Moon 350P preamplifier (also fully-balanced), $1995 without phono stage and CN$2795 with. Dynaudio had the new Focus 220 Mk.II floorstander ($3600/pair) and the DM 2/6 ($800/pair). The DM 2/6 is the least expensive Dynaudio speaker, and although the drivers are not quite at the level of their more expensive brethren, Dynaudio's Mike Manousselis told me that they're still made in the same factory in Denmark, and follow the core Dynaudio technical quality. Lionel Goodfield (Simaudio) and Mike Manousselis look pleased with their new products.

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So, how did they sound? Nice to see coverage of Dynaudio at these shows.

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The DM 2/6 sounded pretty good, though they strained to fill the largish room in which they were set up. The Excite standmount (pictured, but not named, above) was, to me, outstanding. I heard some 500$/pair speakers that punched well above their price class (Focal 705V)--to the point where some speakers up to 2000$ were not noticeably better. The DM 2/6, while different from the 705V, were comparable (and may well have fared a lot better in the smaller room where the Focals were) but it would be difficult, under the less than ideal conditions of the show, to justify the 300$ extra for the DM 2/6s. However, I would have no trouble at all justifying the extra 400$ from there to the Excites (or even the 700$ jump up from the Focals).

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When I was there, I did not notice what cabling was used. Did anyone notice?

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I would also like to know what cabling was used on Simaudio moon/ Dynaudio Excite combo? Something white and flat for speaker cable?! VdH or maybe Audioquest? Anybody?Thnx