Sennheiser's RS 180

Introduced at January’s CES, Sennheiser’s RS 180 wireless headphones ($500) are so light and comfortable, you hardly know you’re wearing them. Rechargeable batteries are concealed within the right earcap, which also holds controls for volume and balance. The ‘phones have a range of 100m, and offered a full, round sound with impressive imaging.

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No offense, but I'd much rather look at her wearing headphones than you!! lol

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Hi Stephen,Bit confused here. Sennheiser HDR 180 is a wireless receiver. Matching cans are RS 180. Can't tell from the pic what she is wearing, but they look more like RS 110 or similar, but not RS 180.

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Thanks for the correction, Marc. I'm sorry about the error. I've fixed the entry now. I listened to the RS 180, and those are the 'phones we see in the picture.