Rega's P3-24 is Pretty in Pink

Isn't she?

Yow! Check out the Rega P3-24 ($1300), all pretty in pink. Want one! Son Ideal’s Robert DeKoninck felt that playing a pink P3 would help to keep the show atmosphere fun. Nicely done. If pink’s not your thing, Rega offers their popular turntable in several other colors, as well, including orange, blue, green, red, and black. Mine is white. But I want one in every color!

ZZZ's picture

Boooring. A turntable with pink coloring in the plastic. Oh, wow.

Griff's picture

I think it's pretty damn cool! and you know the pink colouring has is specially formulated to dampen vibrations :)

MeLikeAudio's picture

I have a pink one. I like it. I suspect the majority of people who are not visually impaired buy audio items at least in some part dependent on looks. I also think that the visually impaired probably enjoy their stereo systems more at a lower cost. But what do I know?