Press Day

Today is Press Day at the 2010 Salon Son & Image, located at the extraordinary Hilton Bonadventure, a penthouse hotel perched above the Place Bonadventure exhibition center, built for the 1967 World’s Fair. At the moment, exhibitors and members of the press are just getting acquainted with the unusual hotel, which has an extremely tempting heated outdoor pool and garden views at every turn. Lines are just beginning to form at the registration desk, where I couldn’t help but say hello to the charming staff.

Now that I have my show guide, press badge, and blue wig, I can begin hunting the halls for smiling faces, good music, and exotic gear.

rudy yniguez's picture

Looks like fun, Stephen. I hardly recognized you. Hey, don't forget the budget components for us hourly workers.

Cybermynd's picture

ROFL - Yeah, if you keep the wig on there will undoubtedly be a lot of smiling faces!

michaelavorgna's picture

Excellent start. Check.

R.E.L's picture

you're a smurf!

Billy's picture

Which one is Rosemarie?

suits_me's picture

No Miles Davis for _that_ assemblage.

Eric Shook's picture

I knew I should have went.