Oracle’s Micro Vibration Stabilizer System

In one of the excellent-sounding Audio d’occasion rooms, I had the pleasure of meeting Oracle Audio Technologies’ Jacques Riendeau, who introduced me to the latest incarnation of his beautiful Delphi turntable, reviewed by Michael Fremer in our March 2010 issue. Riendeau explained that the Delphi Mk.VI ($11,600, with Oracle/SME 345 tonearm) uses Delrin feet for a better balanced sound across a wider environment; an improved main bearing system for a greater gap between background noise and the signal; and, most importantly, Oracle’s Micro Vibration Stabilizer System, which utilizes three plungers that dip into silicone baths to reduce lateral vibrations, found by Riendeau to have an enormous impact on sound quality.

A simple demonstration revealed that the Micro Vibration Stabilizer System imparted greater control over high-level, complex passages of music, and offered faster attack, more extended decay, and greater impact overall.