Factory-Direct: Grant Fidelity

Grant Fidelity purchasing manager, Rachel Zhang, explained that her company wants to bring “a self-servicing, consumer electronics distribution model to high-end audio.” All of Grant Fidelity’s products are available factory-direct; and, instead of the traditional dealer network, Grant Fidelity utilizes private, home-based demonstrators. The goal is to make available more affordable products for a younger and more varied audience, Zhang said.

I listened to a simple system: Grant Fidelity LS3/5a monitors ($980/pair; and based on the classic British model), Shengya A-216 hybrid amplifier (150Wpc; $1850), and Shengya CD-16 CD player ($1850), all designed and manufactured in China, under Zhang’s critical quality control. “Quality control is extremely important,” Zhang said. “It’s easy to make one good product, but it’s not easy to make 100 good products consistently.” Grant Fidelity is the exclusive North American distributor for Shengya, a company that has been around for 18 years (and as OEM for 15 years), Zhang informed me. The products all had a substantial and familiar look and feel, and together produced a smooth, relaxed sound.

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Is it really a marketing plan, or an act of desperation because no dealer will touch their product? Where are these private home based demonstrators?

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I have often wondered about that myself. Who are these home based demonstrators? Why don't they just post a list on their website instead of making people jump through hoops to find out. If their stuff is so freaking good, why isn't it everywhere?

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It's easy to make one good product, but hard to make 100? Is this guy on drugs? I guess that is Chinese way, they make one good product as demo to unknowing buyers, and the real production is junk? You mean all those other brands of superior products, that are made in the 1000's, are a miracle? Maybe in China this is the first words of truth about their ability to make anything good? Scary stuff. i have a friend from China, and everywhere he goes things don't work correctly. Sum ting Wong.

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Listen to the products before jumping to conclusions. Many well known brands have their products manufactured in China. The reality of life is that like it or not China is going to become a force to be reckoned with in everything that we buy. Sure some of it is junk.... thank Walmart and any other discount store for that. Don't blame people trying to bring products to consumers that appear to be of quality. Read reviews and do research before making any decisions.Any smart consumer about to make any sort of major purchase probably won't spend his/her money with out doing research. Everyone has their favorite brands be it cars, beer, etc.If people really knew where some of the components or the entire manufacture of their fave hifi gear came from would that stop them from buying it?? Probably not if the product sounded great and integrated into their system the way they wanted.