Extending the Gradients' curve

As a Quad ESL enthusiast, I know how difficult it is to blend subwoofers with very good, very fast loudspeakers. Consequently, I was impressed with the new A225-M powered subwoofer from the Swiss company PSI, on demonstration at the Simplifi Audio room. Used with the Gradient Helsinki loudspeaker, of which I also have some experience, a pair of PSI subs ($4500 each) provided lots of deep, impactful bass with no apparent change in the Gradients' timbral character: very impressive. The subwoofer was housed within one of the the same IKEA units as Simplifi's Tim Ryan was using for component stands, to show that high-quality sound can still be domestically acceptable.

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Art Dudley has not yet the eye to watch the difference between IKEA and between Swiss Quality! The furniture is Swiss Made by Xilobis (xilobis.ch) an innovative company located in sunny Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. Tim will certainly give Art a closer look to the clever construction of the xilobis-system which is as clever as the construction of the Swiss-made subwoofers. But it is good to learn that the acoustic marriage between Swiss and Scandinavian products are successful. Regards, Markus (likes to shop in the giant blue warehouses with the big yellow characters)

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Very nice Swiss package ! The look is definitively very nice and we hope people appreciated the PSI Audio (www.psiaudio.com) Swiss monitors as well. I hope to be on this show next year. Marc Chablaix

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I am the reigning 1st, 2nd, and two 4th place titles in the USACi World Finals for car audio, I would like to try out these PSI Subs in my car (2009 Honda Civic Si)But I have been looking for three months for contact info! Anyone who can help would be GREATLY Appreciated!!!okchotboy187@hotmail.com

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Tim can be contacted through his company, SimpliFi Audio- www.simplifiaudio.com