Like Art Dudley below, I started my first day at SSI at the Coup de Foudre room featuring DeVore speakers and Leben amplification. And like Art, I was impressed by the sound, listening to LPs of Skip James and Gil Scott-Heron. (John and Jonathan never play audiophile favorites.) And note the judicious use of the hotel's bed heads, usually hanging on the wall, in front of the window alcove to tame the room acoustics. Good Show sound benefits from the prepared mind—or something.

Sam Tellig will be reviewing the bamboo-cabinet DeVore Gibbon 3XL speaker in the June issue of Stereophile.

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Now this is a nice looking system. Simple. Elegant. Minimilist. Looks solid.

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And if the sound is orgasmic any "ephemera" will blend right in with that already on the headboards. (I mean this in a loving way, as you can imagine.)

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Why no matching bamboo stands for the 3XL's?