Cabasse La Sphère

Of one room I can honestly say: The sound pulled me in. A succession of convincingly deep, tactile drumbeats caught my ear, and I followed the thwacks to Cabasse, where the Sphère ($150,000/pair, more or less, and reviewed by Michael Fremer a year or so back) held court, driven by Cabasse's own Bel Canto-sourced amps; the Cabasse outboard digital crossover; and McIntosh's C2300 preamp and MCD500 SACD/CD player. No less impressive was Christophe Cabasse himself (left), who patiently led me through the Sphère's impressive technical background—in English, I'm thankful to say. Monsieur Cabasse also reminded me that his company celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, having been founded by Georges Cabasse (père) all the way back in 1960.

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$150,000 for an UGLY speaker that looks like it came from a Doctor Who convention? No thanks

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What's missing in the image is someone standing next to it to give it some scale. Those things are huge!

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I substituted a different photo, François.

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Beep....Kill the humansss

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OK, they're not right for everyone, and you may laugh, but if once you hear them, you will be stunned. These are the finest speakers I've ever heard, and Cabasse doesn't make you listen only to THEIR demo material. People are encouraged to bring in their own stuff. I've heard Korean temple bells, Frank Sinatra, and Led Zep on these babies. There are really no words to describe how good they sound.

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I might have joked with my previous post but I do intend to listen to them right after work. If Buddy's Buddy is correct - and I assume he is - then they will probably knock me off my feet. The more I stare at them the more they actually look like Christophe Cabasse. :-D

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Don't you mean 50th anniversary?

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Thanks for the switch John! I'm hoping to get a decent recording of the set-up without too much chatter in the room. And for anyone who's wondering, yes they do sound very, very good.

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Okay, so I heard, them yes they are fantastic and no they are not worth the 150k. They were playing loud but the imaging was really good. If my name was captain Nemo maybe they might fit in my surroundings, in any event can't afford em and a pair of Sonus Fabers or Verity Audio would suffice.

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I assume for that price they'd let you take them home for a week or so and check them out. I have a 60 watt Panasomic Home theater receiver so I will need 5 of them.

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Christ, those are ugly. They look like something out a cheap sci-fi flick from the 50's.

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By far the best sound at the show that I heard.

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They'd have to sound utterly transporting to justify looks like that. And didn't they measure in a bit of a funky manner in the earlier review?

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I´ve heard these speakers in 2008 at Munich High End in Germany. Amazing speakers - they sound stunning! Sounded better than the big MBL system and many of the other big names.And I actually like the look - very very cool....and I might add that they also come in a kinda slate grey - maybe a better choice if you´re a bit more "grounded" ;-)Still 150 k is a lot of money and I´m not sure if a pair of the big Soundlab´s + 2 JL Audio subwoofers would do the job for me. But they are very good!ps. I have no business with Cabasse - I just like these big babies :-)Johnny