Back in Blue

The lovely (as you can see) and talented (as anyone who heard her sing and play the flute at the SSI 2010 Give Band concerts can attest) Caroline St-Louis helped out at the show ticket desk. Here she is with her favorite audio magazine.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Lovely, talented, and she's obviously got great taste in magazines. But is that a wedding ring I see? Damn. All the good ones are already taken.

HP Sauce's picture

That's a fake ring she wears to put off, uh, little creeps.

Larry's picture

I could do without the blue hair, but she is a cutie!

Caroline St-Louis's picture

Thanks guys! and yes, it's a real ring! sorry!

bobvin's picture

I kinda dig the blue hair. Not just any pretty face could pull that off!

Wally's picture

Is she a "natural blue head?"