A Sanyo?

Shows like SSI are about the cutting edge in audio, with the latest and (purportedly) greatest on display and demonstration. Given this, I always get a kick out of spotting a piece of equipment that just does not seem to belong in such august company. This Sanyo JCX 2600K stereo receiver is from another era—circa 1978–1981 according to the ever-helpful Google search. Looks like it's in great shape. I spotted it on a shelf in an area of the show where they were setting up racks of LPs for sale. What was it doing there? I have no idea. Wonder how it compares sonically with the latest-and-greatest?

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If anyone's willing to wire it up to a set of speakers and play something through it, I'm more than willing to include it in my video. Who knows? It might actually sound good. Some of these Japanese components were actually built very well.

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Some of the olde stuff never dies - it just gets repurposed.My late-70s Sony receiver still does yeoman work in the TV-room system. Phono blown by static blast from a Grado cart some years back but nobody plays vinyl on that system anyway (TV and CD mostly, with some background radio occasionally). Very clean sound. The thing's never been fixed for anything - totally original - except for the stereo indicator light.Late-80s Denon amp in the upstairs system ditto after a recent round touching up connections and cleaning everything. The only thing missing in this system is about the bottom octave (EPI 100's only have 8" woofers), though for most non-organ music you really don't notice.

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It looks awesome. I'd love to hear it, too.

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Wow. The JCX2100(less power, less functionality than this 2600) was my first piece of kit, purchased with newspaper delivery earnings in 1979!

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My first stereo was a Sanyo rack system with a 49-watt amp, tuner, turntable and three-way speakers. Got a lot of years of listening enjoyment from that system. I think I got it around 1984 and the components were basically (if not) the same as Fisher at the time. Compared to my sound system today, it probably sounds bad. But I wouldn't trade those listening years for anything.

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Just picked one of these up for cheap. They are really pretty and they pack a punch.....I know because I was messing with the A/B speaker selection buttons, made the fatal mistake of turning up the volume while the record was playing & blew a tweeter in one of my DCM TF 400's!!It was probably about to go anyway!This receiver sounds really good