Totem Wind Design

Totem's Vince Bruzzese was happy to tell me about the Wind Design, an enhanced version of the company's flagship floorstander. It uses a "skid plate" decoupling system with a front "claw" which is user-adjustable to complement the phase interactions between the speaker and various associated electronics. Totem strives to create loudspeakers that will mate happily with all sorts of associated equipment, and today they were making music with an Arcam FMJ disc player and Bryston amplification.

Though a matching Tribe III center channel ($2750 CAN) and Storm subwoofer ($1750 CAN) were also on display, they were not being employed. All in the room were surprised to learn that we were listening to a simple two-channel setup. We listened to a Trentemoller track, and imaging and bass depth were superb.

The Wind Design is available in Satin White, Satin Black, Sky (blue), and Fire (red) and costs $13,900–$15,000/pair.