The Real Hi-Fi

I adored the sound in the small Son-Or-Filtronique room with the Audio Research VSi60 integrated amplifier, Audio Research CD8 disc player ($10,000), Verity Audio Finn loudspeakers ($6000/pair CAN), and Shunyata cables. Adored it.

To my ears, the system offered an exquisite balance: It exhibited all those audiophile things (imaging and soundstaging and thrilling bandwidth, bass to die for, speed and clarity), while managing to produce the more elusive, intangible emotional pull.

Son-Or-Filtronique's Dany Poulin said the goal here was to prove that "you don't have to spend $100,000 to get to the soul of the music. You don't need to have an enormous system; you can have a smaller system and still get there. That's the real hi-fi!"

So, I'm sitting there listening to Ryan Adams cry, "Forever only takes its toll on some," and I'm thinking, "Yeah, I can listen to this system for awhile." The sadness and want in Adams' voice are beautifully conveyed, there are tears on his guitar strings.

Nick's picture

One of the best sounding rooms at the show and the lad manning the controls was always in a good mood and willing to play others CD's

Ray's picture

Soundstaging, bass and clarity really impressive.One of the best sounding rooms.

Dave's picture

He played real music, not audiophile discs, with great sound that you wanted to listen to non-stop. I was surprised that the least expensive component was the AR integrated amp at $4000.

Eldon Doucet's picture

I totally agree. I just purchased a set of Tannoy Dimensions, and have not yet fully set everything up to appreciate them, but when I heard this room I was blown away!Great job, and now I'll have to look into to these.My system can be seen

rudolf's picture

seems to be quite a synergy with the Verity and ARC pairing..would love to hook up a pair of Ref210 to my Lohengrin's.