Salon Son & Image, Day 1

It is just about as beautiful a day as you can imagine. You can see both the sun and the moon in this clear, blue sky. It is the kind of day that you hope for throughout the cold, winter months.

A crowd of people form a circle near the entrance to the Centre Sheraton, and they smoke and laugh. Inside, on this first day of Salon Son & Image, the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. The show opened at 9am, at which time many exhibitors were just beginning to set up their rooms, or were still just stretching their legs from a long trip or rubbing their eyes from a long night.

This first day is for "trade only," and it is a fine time for us to become familiar with the layout of the hotel and, for exhibitors, to work out any kinks within their rooms. The hotel is quite nice with elevators that seem to run smoothly, and the show staff have been extremely helpful and friendly. I think attendees will have an excellent time here.

For now, while the atmosphere remains quiet and relaxed, we have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues, and listen to some music. Of course, the economy is on everyone's mind, and much talk so far is on displaying systems that people can actually afford. This sort of talk excites me.

John Atkinson is here and Art Dudley is here, and Bob Deutsch is now on his way. Everyone is looking forward to a good show.