Monitor Audio PL200

Monitor Audio's Sheldon Ginn is very excited about the company's new PL200 loudspeaker ($8000/pair). This attractive floorstander fills the gap between Monitor's PL100 bookshelf and the much bulkier PL300 floorstander, and uses a three-driver configuration with a ribbon tweeter. It's available in ebony, rosewood, and piano black finishes, and boasts a real leather front baffle.

The PL200s were partnered to an all-Simaudio system: Andromeda CD player, P-8 preamplifier, and W-8 power amp. We listened to a bluesy acoustic guitar track called "The Beat Hotel" by a fellow named Allen Taylor, and I was impressed by the fast transients and top-end air. And on "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," the system did a good job of conveying the smooth tone of Denzal Sinclair's croon.