Gemme Audio Phenix

The Sashas of Obad Imports suggested that I check out the Gemme Audio room, where a Neodio amplifier had been replaced by a prototype KingRex 50W Tripath amplifier. Gemme Audio's Robert Gaboury had his special Phenix Green Gem system ($37,000 CAN) on display, along with a Neodio CD player, and Blueberry Hill Audio cables.

The Phenix Green Gem combines Soprano mini-monitors with a vintage-style Breathe bass cabinet. The small Sopranos (7" by 10" by 7") use a 6" custom midrange driver with a 1" horn super-tweeter, while the large Breathe cabinet (62" by 26" by 22") uses two modified 15" JBL 2226 drivers. Each system is handmade and built to order. Gaboury explained that almost any request can be met—from cabinet finishes to loudspeaker voicing.

We listened to PJ Harvey's "Down By the Water," from her excellent To Bring You My Love, and I noted fine texture to the fuzzed-out bass and an exciting speed to the maracas. PJ's voice, meanwhile, hinted at the special blend of sexiness and creepiness I'd heard just a few nights earlier during her performance at Manhattan's Irving Plaza.

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I don't understand why the electronics were placed on top of those big JBL woofers.