Cutsie-Ootsie lil_doosey!

But the Cutest Amp of Show Award has to go to Mass Fidelity's "lil_doosey." You see? It's even cute about how it spells its name. You gotta love that.

The little thing just begs to be picked up. And when you do pick it up, you'll find that it's much heavier (and much more satisfying) to hold than you could have imagined. Made entirely in Canada, the lil_doosey (cute!) uses a linear power supply with a custom-wound toroidal transformer. It has gold-plated binding posts and offers XLR and RCA inputs. Apparent build-quality is very high. Standard finishes are gloss white and gloss black; a variety of other colors can be ordered for an extra $100. The amp is rated for 20W into 8 ohms and costs $798/pair.

Maybe I'll give these little cutie-pies a listen sometime in the near future.

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Uh..they are US$399. each.