Coup de Foudre

This is my first time attending a Montreal hi-fi show, and so it makes sense that I would make some new acquaintances. It is a pleasure to meet Graeme Humphrey and Danny Labrecque of Coup de Foudre, a pretty sweet looking hi-fi shop in Montreal. Here Graeme and Danny assume a sort of pirate-gangster pose. They appear pretty tough, but they're actually quite gentle.

Coup de Foudre carries a large range of new and used hi-fi components and vinyl(!), and even has a recording studio.

We listened to a system made of Avalon Acoustics Aspect loudspeakers ($8500/pair), VTL MB125 monoblock power amps ($5000/pair), Shindo Aurieges preamp, and Clearaudio Performance turntable with Satisfy tonearm ($4000). All components were supported by the handsome Box Furniture Co. equipment racks and isolation platforms. Vinyl spinning was something by a local singer/songwriter named Mary Gauthier, and both the sound and song were enough to stir the soul. I would like to swim in the sadness of her voice.

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A correction - Mary Gauthier is not a QC local singer/songwriter - her local is Tennesse.Nice to see Graem on picture - how did you do it? Robert P

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Oh well. Tennessee, Montreal -- same thing. It wasn't easy to capture Graeme on film. There were many mirrors involved.

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Look at us! We're a couple of French assholes.