Ben Webster & Alex Williams

Meet Mass Fidelity's Benjamin Webster. Ben's lil_doosey monoblock amplifier is making its world debut here at SSI 2009.

Ben explained that he's been "obsessed" with both music and gear for as long as he can remember. That obsession led to work in sound editing and recording. Along the way, however, Ben experienced frustration with the limitations of the gear on hand. Too often, the affordable stuff was not up to task, while the good stuff was just beyond his budget. So, "out of spite," Ben decided to build his own gear—affordable gear that lacked the obvious problems he had encountered while feeding his obsession.

Here at SSI, Ben is accompanied by Alex Williams, DJ LEXX, providing an energy and atmosphere not often found at high-end audio shows. Alex is a native of Toronto, a vinyl lover, and shares Ben's passion for music and gear. He has been DJ-ing for 13 years.