Win Analog

Win Analog’s S Series-833 100W monoblock power amplifier (in the rear of this image) was designed to be “a statement product, both sonically and visually,” sales director John Dark explained. The amps measure 18” x 24” x 19” and weigh 200lbs. Its aluminum chassis panels are CNC-milled, 0.375” thick. That colossal tube in the center of the chassis is an RCA 833, originally employed as a radio transmitter. Dark says it was chosen here for its “very, very liquid sound.”

The amps were driving a pair of Rockport Technologies Mira Grand II loudspeakers. The system had a distant sort of sound with fine tonal color and a certain effortlessness, images blooming easily onto the stage.

Win Analog amplifiers are made in Milpitas, California. The S Series-833 costs $75,000/pair. Also available is the V Series-833 135W monoblock ($110,000/pair). The Z845 tube preamplifier (also seen here), with lovely tube-based input indicators, costs $45,000.