Wavelength Leads the Way

J. Gordon Rankin, always at the forefront at computer audio technology, had paired Wavelength's beautiful-sounding electronics with Vaughn Zinfandel loudspeakers and AudioQuest top-of-the-line Sky interconnects and Meteor speaker cables to create a system with an absolutely gorgeous midrange. That is no small accomplishment, folks.

Gordon's embrace of computer technology even extended to his price list, which was supplied on a USB key. That key included an extra bonus: a copy of AyreWave, a media player that he considers at least the equal of Amarra and Channel D's Pure Audio. (In all fairness, Gordon has yet to hear Amarra 2.1, which was new at the Show). What the key didn't include was prices for the loudspeakers and cabling. We tried, folks.

As far as I can tell, Wavelength's part of the system consisted of an Apple MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6.4/SSD/8G of memory; the latest version of Wavelength's Audio Streamlength high-speed interface in the Crimson HS using the Denominator DAC module with the ESS Sabre DAC chip ($9000 total); Royal preamplifier ($7500); and the Cardinal 300B single-ended monoblocks ($8500/pair).

Also on display were an asynchronous iPad interface with Wavelength's Proton DAC ($900) and the latest iteration of the WaveLink HS 24/192 USB to SPIDF adapter ($900). This indispensable little baby now features a new resistor and computer-upgradeable firmware, and sounds even better than before. I use an earlier version at home.

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Jason, you might have forgotten to mention that Gordon was running two copies of Pure Music on two computers that he was using for demonstrations... Cheers...

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Actually we only had one MacBook Pro running in the room. But I also had connected a 24" HP Monitor so people could see what we were doing.ThanksGordon

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Sorry Gordon, my error. OK, one copy of Pure Music (not Pure Audio), running on two monitors... - Rob.