The Mighty Kronzilla

Driving Von Schweikert VR-3S speakers ($7995/pair) in Room 8032 was the awesome-looking Kronzilla SXI Mk.II monoblock, featuring the largest tubes I have seen in an audio amplifier. Source was the French EEra CD player, and there my handwritten notes become illegible. Apologies :-(

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It's VR35 not VR3S...come on John. VSA gets precious little coverage in your rag as it is and they build some of the finest speakers out there.

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"It's VR35 not VR3S..."Thanks for the correction. I blame my handwritten notes for the error.

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I'm just curious if that is 'old wrinkly' or not. heheheh...Great sounding amplifiers! Worked well for us in Montreal 2009, we had our room packed the entire time. The sound just pulls them in.....

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Actually, it is not wrinkles. Wrinkles the prototype went to that great audition room in the sky. This is a real SXI MK II from the ground up. Completely assembled in North America with 3 more man years of engineering into it. It truly is one awesome amplifier!

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Mr. AtkinsonThat is a lame excuse.....forgot how to write.... you are no longer an expert... You never even mentioned the Kronzilla was awarded the best amplifier at the show What about the VR 33 in the Von Schweikert room?

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Why do some people (namely R. Witte) feel a need to write snarly comments about forgivable oversights on the part of the reporter? Obviously, John Atkinson is human and in trying to cover as much as possible at a show of this size is entitled to a mistake or two. For cryin' out loud, give the man a break!

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Those tubes put me in mind of stick mags I saw back in the eighties where the girl's boobs were altogether too big and instead of being delightful and fascinating they were just vulgar and scary.