Stein Music Harmonizers and Magic Stones

See those little, white, star-shaped things? Those are room-tuning accessories from Stein Music. These were scattered, perhaps haphazardly, about the room—on the floor in front of an equipment rack (as seen here), as well as affixed to the walls and ceiling!

You know, for a split-second I thought about asking the manufacturer reps to demonstrate the sonic effects of the devices, but I was pretty exhausted. I just smiled and nodded and kept on moving.

Sam Tellig discusses the curious Stein Music accessories in our December issue.

David_L's picture

Uh oh not MORE room tuning doo dads lol Will these be measured like Ted's bowls were........errrmmmmmmm weren't?

suits_me's picture

I like these ninja throwing star tweaks because they can be launched into the jugulars' of attendees who are insistent that their bad music be played or are otherwise boorish.